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Dear Lynne & Doug (Bradley, cameraman),
Thank you over and over again for the great work you’ve done for the “Heroes” program, the gorgeous Green Chimneys piece and for saving Chicago! You are both such splendid artists and friends!  Gratefully, Fred
(The late Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers Neighborhood)

Dear Lynne:
Congratulations on producing an excellent piece for Beginning with Books’ featured presentation on (WTAE-TV’s) Success By Six. We are amazed by your ability to take a collection of ‘clips’ and transform them into a captivating, seamless story. And we appreciate the sensitive and creative way you portrayed the families enrolled in our programs — it takes a special skill to draw out ‘performances’ such as those. Thank you for lending your considerable talent to this project. If the opportunity presents itself, we would love to work with you again.
Elizabeth Segel, Ph.D. Co-Director Beginning with Books
Joan Brest-Friedberg, Ph.D. Co-Director Beginning with Books
Barbara Hart Sturges, Director of Development
Dana Bolster, Public Relations Assistant

This is perfect! Obviously made with a lot of TLC — thanks to {Lynne} for the care and quality. Yippeeee!!
Carol Mullen
Director Of Communications University of Pittsburgh School of Arts & Sciences
(referring to Summer Language Institute video produced for Pitt’s iTunes U site)

Just a short note to thank you for your enthusiasm and hard work under short notice. The scripts were perfect and really helped structure and guide what, I thought, turned out great. Thanks much,
Fred (Thieman) US Dep’t. of Justice, US Attorney, Western District Pennsylvania
(Referring to scripts and direction for a statewide teleconference and press event)

Dear Lynne,
Many thanks for your patience and support during our father’s interview for the National Inventors Hall of Fame archives. It was wonderful to watch the process unfold and to see how skilled you and your staff are to help put our dad at ease. Moreover, you were able to elicit some fabulous responses from him…
All the best,
Andrea & Stephanie (daughters of Amos Joel, Jr., inventor of the mobile communications system or “cell towers”)

… Once again, you have caused an uproar at HealthAmerica; and a positive uproar at that. Never in our 25-year history have our employees shown the level of enthusiasm and excitement that resulted from the image videos you created for us. From our senior leadership to the guys in the mail room, the response has been unanimous: they LOVE it! … Thanks to your creativity, ingenuity and originality, you helped breathe new life into our company.
My very warmest regards,
Kristen Lane, Manager Public Relations (response to HealthAmerica 25 Year Celebration video)

Dear Lynne,
As a resident of Mt.Washington I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did as President of the MWCDC.  Your effort, commitment and sense of fair play has put the organization back on track. Not only that, you made things happen, and did it with style.
David Vater, Architect and resident of Mt. Washington in Pittsburgh

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